Lisa Keeling

Principal Consultant

Lisa Keeling is a Principal Consultant with Beaumont&Beaumont, having previously held senior legal positions in both the public and private sectors.

Lisa’s previous experience, as both a candidate and a client of Beaumont&Beaumont, provides her with a unique understanding of all aspects of a recruitment process.  Lisa has a strong understanding of personnel requirements for the delivery of excellent legal services and strives to deliver these requirements.

Lisa has built a strong reputation within both the public and private sectors.  Lisa intimately understands the subtleties and nuances of each job and role and works hard to place the best possible candidate in each position.

Lisa has been an advisor to, and worked in-house for, a significant number of Commonwealth and ACT Government departments and agencies.  Immediately prior to joining Beaumont&Beaumont Lisa was General Counsel as Services Australia, having previously spent over 10 years working with a top-tier firm.  Lisa draws on the analytical skills and attention to detail she developed working as a practising lawyer in each engagement with Beaumont&Beaumont.

In addition to her legal qualifications, Lisa has a Master of Taxation, a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), an Associate Diploma in Music (Pianoforte) and is currently studying towards an Executive Master of Business Administration.