Gillian Beaumont

Non-executive director

For many years now, Gillian Beaumont has been regarded as the pre-eminent legal recruiter in Canberra. She ran the legal division of another generalist recruitment agency but found that the particular and exacting requirements of the legal profession demanded a level of specialisation that was not being met by any other organisation based in Canberra, and as a result she set up her own firm in 2004.

Since its inception, the response of candidates and clients has been overwhelming, and as a result her company has developed a reputation throughout the legal profession in Canberra and beyond, of both success and integrity.

Whilst possessing a depth of knowledge about the people and culture of the profession in Canberra, Gillian's success has come from her deep understanding of the way staff in the professional services industry interoperate. Her understanding of what motivates people in the workplace was developed during her academic studies in Canada in sociology and psychology. Prior to returning to Australia, she lived and worked in the US, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands and France putting into practical application in a variety of roles her deep understanding of people.

Her success in placing legally qualified staff in the private and public sector, including appointments at partner level, comes from a strong belief that there is a lot more to finding the right candidate than looking at their qualifications. She spends sufficient face to face time with every candidate, not only to understand their education and experience but to understand who they are and what motivates them.