Jack Thompson

Business Manager

Jack Thompson is Beaumont&Beaumont's Contractor Relationship Manager and works closely with recruiters to provide support and find solutions for contractors and clients.

Jack is able to connect with client and contractor experiences and apply analytical, outcome focussed thinking to issues. He also brings empathy and a clear focus on open communication to ensure that outcomes are informed and appropriate.

Jack has significantly contributed to developing Beaumont&Beaumont's contractor focussed policies. This includes professional development, employee assistance, communication strategies, staff communication and compliance issues, among other things. Jack is also responsible for activities that support employee welfare and capability, ranging from liaising with and between contractors and clients, to delivering professional development events. Jack has worked with large teams and high-level Commonwealth Government stakeholders, but is equally comfortable working with small specialist groups and front-line management.

Jack's analytical skills and focus on outcomes stem from his experience working in the legal sector in rural NSW, then as a lawyer in Canberra, and from his experience in the army reserve. Having been a part of our recruitment team means he has a good working knowledge of contractor needs and government processes. Adding to that, Jack's studies in education allow him to bring a keen sense of empathy to his interactions with clients and contractors.

Jack holds a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), a Bachelor of Laws and a Masters of Secondary Teaching.