Lionel Riley

Principal Consultant

Lionel has extensive experience as a senior leader of corporate operations and human resources in regulatory, national security, service delivery and program and policy public sector organisations. He has led the optimising of talent management and development pathways, workforce and succession planning, strategies to uplift employee engagement, and the reform of recruitment operations to deliver more efficient and effective hiring outcomes. Lionel applies his knowledge and expertise with integrity frameworks and culture to build confidence and trust.

As a seasoned senior human resources professional, Lionel is an expert in people, performance and culture. He has tertiary qualifications in education and training, and has led the design of leadership strategies, development programs and senior executive performance assessment frameworks to drive culture and performance. He has witnessed first-hand the value derived from considered investment in recruitment to the success of organisations and the costly consequences of sub-optimal hiring outcomes.

Lionel has held senior leadership roles in a wide range of corporate operations, including integrity and security, work health and safety, governance, communications and media, culture change, training and development and human resources. He holds an Executive Masters of Public Administration, postgraduate qualifications in Education and Training and an undergraduate degree in Event and Tourism Management.