Nivodita Sharma

Executive Officer

Nivodita Sharma operates as a part of our Corporate Services Team, with primary responsibility to assist our CEO, Jonathan Beaumont in implementing corporate projects.

Having worked as a transactional lawyer for four years, Nivodita brings on board an analytical mind and inclination for problem-solving. Her understanding of the organisational system databases helps effectively integrate our system processes. Nivodita works closely to support our CEO in implementing corporate strategies and plans in order to accomplish business objectives and goals. Nivodita demonstrates keen interest in understanding and using technology to the advantage of the business.

Nivodita has assisted our CEO on various corporate projects in the past one year, including customising our new CRM system to suit the developing need of our business, implementing rebranding strategies to operations, and streamlining automations. Nivodita also supports our Corporate Services Team with payroll and HR  functions.

Before moving to Australia in 2018, Nivodita was working as Indian legal counsel for an American conglomerate. Her work was mainly focused in the areas of corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and debt restructuring.

Along with a Bachelor of Laws, Nivodita holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce. She is a member of Bar Council of India and is currently completing her bridging formalities to become a member of the Australian Bar Association.