Executive search & recruitment

The core business of Beaumont&Beaumont is assisting organisations to recruit staff to deliver improved business outcomes. The key to our success is the depth of our relationships in Canberra and the experience of our staff who have worked in legal practices in managerial, professional and administrative roles within the profession.

Communicating with lawyers requires a capacity to talk to legal practitioners in their own language and our experience has demonstrated that professionally qualified staff are confident that we can convey the specific technical nuances of their profession to their future employers.

It is our view that every point of interaction with the candidate is impression forming and every piece of communication with the candidate, from the advertising, to selection criteria, to providing information about the role to the actual questions asked at interview, is part of the search process. In this light, we are most often engaged as managers of the entire recruitment process, drawing on agency resources and advice as necessary.

Filling positions for you would be subject to the stringent advertising, selection criteria, interview and comparative suitability requirements we comply with when filling all our positions. In addition to matching the job requirements with the large number or potential candidates we already have on our books, Beaumont&Beauumont would undertake a mix of advertised and executive search, whereby we will seek out candidates with skills specifically relevant to these positions.