Recruitment process outsourcing

The recruitment process is often the first experience a new employee has with your practice. How this process is managed can leave an indelible impression and forms a significant part of the brand of a firm. Every point of interaction with the candidate is impression-forming and every piece of communication with the candidate, from the advertising, to selection criteria, to providing information about the role to the actual questions asked at interview, is part of the search process. This is a role in which experience is important.

Moreover, communicating with lawyers requires a capacity to talk to legal practitioners in their own language and our experience has demonstrated that professionally qualified staff are confident that we can convey the specific technical nuances of their profession to their future employers.

In this light, Beaumont&Beaumont can be engaged to manage some or all of your recruitment process, drawing on agency resources and advice as necessary. Managing a recruitment process professionally takes considerable time. Beaumont&Beaumont has managed numerous recruitment processes for Commonwealth and private sector clients.

Filling positions for you would be subject to the stringent advertising, selection criteria, interview and comparative suitability requirements we comply with when filling all our positions. In addition to matching the job requirements with the large number or potential candidates we already have on our books, Beaumont&Beaumont would undertake a mix of advertised and executive search, whereby we will seek out candidates with skills specifically relevant to these positions. 

Beaumont&Beaumont would then undertake the following:

  1. - Be the primary point of initial contact for the receipt of applications

  2. - Acknowledge the receipt of all applications and keep applicants informed of the process at all times

  3. - Assess all applications against the selection criteria

  4. - Short list candidates, including undertaking screening interviews as appropriate

  5. - Meet with the selection panel to ratify the short list

  6. - Arrange interviews with short listed candidates

  7. - Conduct interviews and act as an external panel member

  8. - Assist in the drafting of interview questions

  9. - Undertake reference checking in accordance with your requirements and fully document referee reports

  10. - Provide a scribe to document, as fully as required, all aspects of the process

  11. - Notify unsuccessful candidates in writing of the outcome

  12. - Act as the primary point of contact between you and the candidate

  13. - Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates


Having received confirmation of your instructions, Beaumont&Beaumont will immediately commence the steps outlined above necessary to fill these positions.  Following the closure of applications, we would generally complete short listing within twenty-four hours of the close of applications.  Subject to the availability of your staff, we would then meet with the selection panel to ratify the shortlist and once ratified, arrange and confirm interview times within one week.  We would then commence interviewing, document the interview process for signing by the delegate and conduct reference checking. 

Based on our previous experiences, the entire process from the closure of applications to handing the file to your HR staff to draw up letters of offer would be undertaken typically in no more than two weeks.